Thermoplastic composite parts for aerostructures

Manufacturing capabilities

  • Automated tape laying of (tailored) laminates
  • 2,5 axis CNC machining (laminate nesting)
  • Press consolidation of tape laminate
  • Fast press forming (stamping)
  • 5 axis CNC
  • Small assemblies
  • Edge sealing
  • Painting (primer and topcoat)
  • Welding

Qualifications (only main processes are listed)

  • AS9100
  • NADCAP for ultrasonic inspection
  • AIPS 03-02-020 Manufacturing of monolithic parts with thermoplastic material
  • AIPS 03-07-002 Machining of FRP components
  • AITM 6-4005/4010 issue 10 Ultrasonic pulse-echo inspection of CFRP
  • BAC5348 Processing of reinforced thermoplastic laminates
  • BAC5980 Non-destructive inspection of composite parts and structures

Processed Materials

Fabric laminates: 

Carbon-PPS, Carbon-PEEK, Carbon-PEI, Glass-PEI, Glass-PPS                    

UD Tape: 

Carbon-PPS, Carbon-PEEK, Carbon-PEKK

ABS5045 / ABS5083 / ABS5036 / ABS5022/ BMS8-353 / BMS8-399


Automated Nesting

  • Efficient use of material
  • Near net shape blanking


Press Forming

  • 50-300 tons
  • Fast and controlled processAutomated production


High Speed Machining

  • 5 axis and 2,5 axis CNC machining
  • 2 beds for simultaneous machining and part change
  • In-house tool manufacturing



  • CNC controlled CMM



  • Automated ultrasonic NDI
  • NADCAP qualified


Small assemblies



  • Primer, Paint
  • Edge Seal




Innovation is an essential part of our company. Although thermoplastic composites have proven themselves on many aircraft programs in the last decade, we believe we have only just begun. The unique properties of thermoplastic composites open up new possibilities in terms of design, processing and assembly. The toughness and damage tolerance of the material make it the perfect material for thin fuselages where entire panels and stringers can be formed in minutes and then assembled by means of induction welding. Robotic tape placement will enable the manufacturing of net-shape, tailored blanks, that can be press formed in highly structurally efficient ribs and spars. DTC is part of that future and is investing strongly in technology and equipment for larger and more complex parts. Thermoplastics are the best materials for an automated production process.

Pick & Place or ATL

Since 2012 DTC has been developing technology for automated laminating of thermoplastic UD tape. Today, using ATL, we manufacture fully automated tailor blanks for press forming.

Welded Brackets

Together with partners Adse and KvE we developed this complex bracket using induction welding.

Thermoplastic fuselage panel

Within the TAPAS project, the manufacturability of this component was demonstrated . DTC role was to manufacture a CFRTP stringer of 2.4 meter tall.

DTC participates in these institutes and projects:

TPRC is a not-for-profit organization that is seen as an outstanding knowledge partner with unique knowhow on the processing of thermoplastic composites. Boeing, TenCate, Fokker, DTC and many others are already shaping the future of their industry with our research center!     By bringing together all actors in the value chain, we effectively identify, analyze and overcome the technological barriers that hinder large scale application of thermoplastic composites. The involvement of the value chain as a whole prevents point solutions and accelerates innovation.

CompoWorld develops applications for composites from concept to product. Situated in North Flevoland, the company stimulates and facilitates a climate favourable to composites in which innovations in the field of high-quality composites can develop from primary research to production development programmes via industrially applied research.

In TAPAS - the Thermoplastic Affordable Primary Aircraft Structure Consortium - Dutch industrial companies and research institutes work together with aircraft manufacturer Airbus. TAPAS1 has nine partners in its collaboration. In the TAPAS2 project the total number of partners expanded to twelve.